Teesside Maritime Connections Calendar 2012

For the second year running the branch has produced a calendar to raise funds for the branch's Welfare and Remembrance Fund.

It is an A4 high quality professionally produced calendar and is available for 5.00 plus 2.00 p&p. (If purchasing from outside the UK please contact us for postage costs.

  • 01---January---2004-08-15-006
  • 02---February---2004-08-24-013
  • 03---March---2004-09-07-022
  • 04---April---2010-05-28-014
  • 05---May---2004-08-24-001
  • 06---June---2010-06-02-016
  • 07---July---2011-03-08-073
  • 08---August---2011-03-08-013
  • 09---September---F5-2010-12-27
  • 10---October---2011-03-08-083
  • 11---November---2011-03-08-064
  • 12---December---2011-03-08-036

Sold Out

Red Ensign